UPS Genset Hungary

UPS & Genset from Hungary

Welcome to Elektra Power Solutions Kft.,

The young and growing organisation in Power Electronics Sector established in the year 2017 in Budapest, Hungary with the aim to provide better and more competitive solutions for our partners across Europe and other countries in Sales, Distribution of Products & Services and Export of Power Electronics Porducts along with Customized Energy projects.
Elektra Power Products

Our wide range of products consists of Energy and Power Electronics products such as mainly the UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supply ) Solutions, Generators, Voltage Stabilisers, Battery Chargers, Rectifiers, Inverters, Frequency Converters, Isolation Transformers, Batteries, Battery Cabinets, Static Transfer Switch Devices, Accessories and Energy Storage Systems.

UPS Datacenter

We provide Energy Solutions from Home & Small Office Solutions to Medical Solutions, Data Center Projects, Large Scale Production and Industrial Equipments.

UPS Genset Hungary

Our company is working as the Eastern Europe Office of MAKELSAN UPS company which is a well known brand with its quality and Innovation in Power Electronics Sector since 1976.
Makelsan products are sold in more than 80 countries in the world, and Elektra Power Solutions is dedicated to develop the markets in the countries Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czechia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Customised Power Solutions

We do also welcome OEM production and Customized Energy Solutions depending on specific customer requirements. All the engineering and production processes held with utmost care to fulfill our customers long term satisfaction.

UPS Genset Hungary

Our major market for the OEM and customized Solutions are mostly the Latin American and North African countries . Thanks to the several trade agreements between the EU and MERCOSUR  and especially the bilateral agreements between Hungary and African Countries, our products are getting more competitive and more popular in those markets too.

UPS Genset Hungary

As being a part of the European Union -headquartered in Budapest, Hungary- , we are also able to provide competitive prices, stock availability, fast deliveries and ease of doing business for our partners ( without complicated customs procedures or other processes ) in Hungary and in other countries across the EU zone.

Hereby we have the joy of kindly inviting you to be a part of this successfully growing organization.
If you may have any questions or requirements please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.
All your enquiries are considered with care and will be replied with detailed information as fast as possible.

We are also proud to announce our new B2B PORTAL for our partners very soon where our partners can easily find real time information about out Products and Services such as the Prices, Special offers, Stock availability, Production and Delivery times.

UPS & Genset from Hungary

Elektra Power Solutions Kft.

1062 Budapest, Bajza utca 68. 2/2

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