MTT Series Battery Charger
  • Full Automatic System
  • Available for Using as DC
    Current Supply
  • Adjustable Normal and Fast
    Charging Voltage
  • Automatic Fast Charging
    Voltage Setting
  • Excess/Low Voltage, Over Current,
    Short Circuit Protection
  • Transformer battery charging devices are AC/DC rectifiers with automatic constant voltage and constant current properties. The isolation transformer and the load and batteries are completely isolated from the grid system.
  • Thyristor control ensures fast regulation and voltage distortions in the mains do not affect the batteries and loads. With the L-C filters on the output, the AC output fluctuation on the DC is less than 1%, helping to maximize the life of the charged battery pack.

• Transformer Centers
• Vessels and Yachts
• Shipyards
• Rail Systems
• Solar Power Plants
• Automobile Services
• Hospitals
• Electrical Devices
• Energy Generation
• Transmission and Distribution Centers
• Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
• Mining Industry

• Individual Outputs for Battery and Load
• Additional LVD Contactor Separating Load and Battery
from each other
• Battery Racks Integrated into the Rectifier
• Chassises with Different Protection Class (IP31/IP42/IP54/IP65)
• DC +/- Ground Leakage Protection
• Redundant Operation with Active or Passive Load
Sharing Option
• Battery Monitoring / Management System (BMS)
• Analog Hand Measuring Instruments
• Battery Charge Temperature Compensation
• ModBUS Communication