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HAPAX Energy is a European brand dedicated designing High Quality and Reliable Power Electronic products to its customers all around world.

Wide product range includes 3 Phase UPS Systems ( 400VAC & 208VAC ) , Diesel Gen-sets equipped with quality Engines, Frequency Converters, Isolation Transformers, Battery Chargers & Rectifiers, Service Bypass Panels, Inverter & Converter models, UPS and Transformer solutions for Medical Sector, 

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All production, sales and after sales processes are carried out with great care to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Majoritiy of the products are designed for a minimum of 10 years service life and our aim is to fullfil the expectation of maximum benefit from the products during their operational life.

The idea behind the HAPAX Energy brands is to design power products which are Customer Oriented, User Friendly, Reliable, Long Life and High Efficient.

We welcome you to know more about our HAPAX Energy brand and our philosophy where we create solutions for you…

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