Static Transfer Switch STS Models from 15A to 600A Capacities for 1 Phase and 3 Phase Applications

1/1 PHASE 15-50 A
3/3 PHASE 50-600 A

Static Transfer Switch STS

• Uninterruptable Transfer Between Two Independent Sources
 • Totally DSP Controlled Technology
 • Synchronous/Asynchronous Transfers Ability
 • Source Priority Selection
 • Temporary Protection For Input and Output Sources
 • in an Overload Situation
 • Automatic and Manual Transfer
 • Ability to Change the Damaged Source On Load
 • By Means of DSP Control Technology, Short Reply Time and Diagnostics
 • Password Protected Menu Structure Which Whole
 • Applications can be Made From it
 • Advanced Communication Options for Remote Control and Monitor
 • Language Selection on the LCD Panel
 • Audible Alarm
 • High Efficiency

Static Transfer Switch STS

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